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Week 15 - 19th June 2016

Q No Question Given Answer Notes
R6 Q3 What is the name of the painting of the Infanta Margaret Theresa by Diego Velázquez that also shows the artist working at a large canvas? Las Meninas In English, this painting is usually known as "Maids of Honour", so this would be an acceptable alternative answer.
R7 Q3 Which rocket (name and number) was used to launch the Apollo space missions? Saturn V Early unmanned Apollo missions used the Little Joe, Saturn 1 and Saturn 1B rockets.  The Saturn 1B was also used for the first manned flight (Apollo 7) and was due to be used to launch the ill-fated Apollo 1 mission.  It was also used to launch crews to the Skylab space station and was used in the joint Apollo/Soyuz mission.

Week 13 - July 5th 2016

Q No Question Given Answer Notes
R3 Q3 Into which body of water does the River Tiber flow? Tyrrhenian Sea The Tyrrhenian Sea is a subdivision of the Mediterranean Sea, which would be an alternative correct answer.
R3 Q4 Which chemical element is the most abundant in the average human body, making up around 65% of actual composition? Oxygen Hydrogen atoms make up 67% of the human body by number. Oxygen is the highest by mass, not number. As asked, Hydrogen is a better answer.