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Week 8 Quiz - 26/05/2013

Q No Question Given Answer Notes
R2 Q3 Serology is the study of what? Blood (properties of) Serology is the study of blood plasma and other bodily fluids
R5 Q3 Which song was a top 40 hit for Shirley Bassey in 1962 and Tom Jones in 1997? I (Who Have Nothing) The song was a No 16 hit for Tom Jones in 1970, not 1997.


Week 4 Quiz - 30/04/2013

Q No Question Given Answer Notes
R1 Q6 Who is the patron saint of music? St Cecilia As well as St Cecelia, St Gregory the Great and St Paul are regarded as patron saints of music and musicians.
R4 Q4 Who in 1863 invented barbed wire. Joseph E Glidden Joseph Glidden patented a variety of barbed wire in 1873.  Lucien B Smith was one of six people who patented forms of the invention in 1867, but similar inventions were patented as far back as 1860.
R6 Q8 What do we call the item the Germans call "fernscher"? Television The German word for television is Fernsehen
R7 Q6 Where did the worst rail disaster in British history occur in November 1952, when 112 people lost their lives? Harrow & Wealdstone 227 people were killed at Quintinshill in Scotland in 1915, when five trains were involved in a series of collisions.
R7 Q8 Who, in 1884, invented the flexible roll film for cameras? George Eastman Roll film was invented by Peter Houston in 1881.  He sold the patent to George Eastman in 1889, though Eastman had licenced the invention for use in his famous Box Brownie in 1888.