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Week 2 Quiz - 16/04/2013

Q No Question Given Answer Notes
R1 Q5 Bill Shankly was manager of which club before he became manager of Liverpool? Huddersfield Town While Shankly was the manager of Huddersfield Town immediately before joining Liverpool, he had previously managed Carlisle United, Grimsby Town and Workington, which would also have been valid answers to the question as stated.
R6 Q5 Who was Roman Emperor when Vesuvius erupted, destroying Pompeii and Herculaneum? Vespasian The generally accepted date for the specified eruption of Vesuvius is late August/early September 79AD.  This would place the eruption in the reign of the Emperor Titus (23 June 79AD - 13 September 81AD), Vespasian having died on 23 June 79AD.
R7 Q6 Who is the patron saint for soldiers? St Joan of Arc While St Joan of Arc does have this responsibility, so do many other saints, including but not necessarily only, St Sebastian, St George, Michael the Archangel, St Adrian of Nicodemia, St Elegius and St Martin of Tours.  Any of these answers should have been acceptable.
R7 Q7 What was the Parliamentary constituency of Neil Kinnock when he was leader of the Labour Party? Iswyn The constituency name is Islwyn, not Iswyn.  He was the MP for Bedwelty from 1970 to 1983 when the seat ceased to exist. He won the renamed seat in June 1983 and became party leader in October 1983.