Errors in Quizzes

Week 14 - week beginning 22nd June

Q No. Question Given Answer Notes
R1 Q4 Which song was a top 40 hit for both Shirley Bassey in 1963 and Tom Jones in 1997? I Who Have Nothing In a repeated error, the Tom Jones version was released in 1967
R1 Q7 Which of Shakespeare's characters in his plays has the most words to say? Hamlet While Hamlet has the most lines in a single play, Sir John Falstaff, who appears in three plays (Henry IV Part 1, Henry IV Part 2 and The Merry Wives of Windsor), has more lines in total.
R5 Q5 Which long running BBC TV show uses Malcolm Arnold's 'Cornish Dances' as its theme tune? What The Papers Say Apart from the fact that the show has not run on TV since 2008, Arnold’s tune is one of several to have been used in the show’s various incarnations
R8 Q5 Which of Shakespeare's non title characters in his plays has the most words to say? Iago See above.

Week 11 - week beginning 1 June 2014

Q No. Question Given Answer Notes
R3 Q4 Which annual event takes place at Worthy Farm, on land belonging to Michael Eavis? Glastonbury Festival The festival is not held every year – a year is missed every 4-5 years)
R4 Q6 In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, who was the King of Scotland? Duncan At various times in the play Duncan, Macbeth and Malcolm are all King of Scotland
R5 Q7 Which planet is unique among the planets in having an axis of rotation that is tilted sideways? Uranus The axis of rotation of all of the planets bar Mercury are tilted to one degree or another – e.g. Earth has a tilt of 23.4° . Uranus has a tilt of 97.7°, thus being “closest” to sideways

Week 10 - Week beginning 25 May 2014

Q No. Question Given Answer Notes
R7 Q7 By what name are the services near Lancaster on the M6 known – the tower was Grade II Listed in 2012? Forton The services are now officially known as Lancaster (Forton) Services


Week 6 - week beginning 27 April 2014

Q No. Question Given Answer Notes

R2 Q2

Which comedian provides the voice for the children’s TV character Roary the Racing Car? Peter Kay Peter Kay provides the voice of Big Chris, Roary’s mechanic. 
Roary is voiced by Maria Darling

Week 5 - week beginning 20 April 2014

Q No. Question Given Answer Notes
R2 Q1 Anostopoli is the international airport for which African capital city? Cairo No confirmation of this fact can be found – Cairo International Airport replaced Heliopolis Airport in 1963.
R2 Q7 Embakasi is the international airport of which African capital city? Nairobi The airport is situated in the suburb of Embakasi but ihas been known for many years as Jomo Kenyata airport.
R5 Q3 What is camophobia the fear of? Meat This may have been caused by the font used for the questions, but the word for the fear of meat is CARNOPHOBIA
R7 Q7 Cobra Beer originates in which Commonwealth country? India While the beer was originally brewed in India (and is now brewed under licence in many other places), the Cobra Beer company was founded in Fulham in 1989 and is a British registered company.

Week 2 - April 1st 2014

Q No Question Given Answer Notes
R3 Q2 Winners' wreaths in the ancient Olympic Games were made from the leaves of which tree? BAY The Bay Tree is also known as the Laurel and this answer is equally acceptable. The Royal Horticultural Society also lists several other acceptable names.
R8 Q1 What type of animal is a quagga? ZEBRA As the Quagga became extinct in the 1880's the question should more properly have said "What type of animal was a quagga?"

Week 1 - March 25th 2014

Q No Question Given Answer Notes
R1 Q6 People born on March 25th are born under which Sign of the Zodiac? PISCES A person born on this date would be an Aries, Pisces ending on March 20th

Week 19 - Week beginning 18 August 2013

Q No Question Given Answer Notes
R4 Q7 The Egyptian god Thoth is often depicted with the head of which bird? ISIS A spelling mistake crept in here - the actual answer is IBIS

Week 16 Quiz - 21 July 2013

Q No Question Given Answer Notes
R7 Q1 Of what is herpetology the study? SNAKES / REPTILES Herpetololgy is the study of both reptiles and amphibia


Week 11 Quiz - 16th June 2013

Q No Question Given Answer Notes
R5 Q1 In which constellation is Rigel the brightest star? Orion Rigel (more specifically Rigel Kentaurus) is also an alternative name for the star Alpha Centaurii, brightest star in the constellation of Centaurus, so this answer should also be acceptable.
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