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Week 7 - 17th May 2016

Q Question Given Answer Notes
R6 Q2 How are the members of The Friendly Society of Agricultural Labourers now more commonly known, this name arose from a court case heard in 1797? Tolpuddle Martyrs The court case was heard in 1834, under an act of Parliament passed in 1797


Week 4 - 26th April 2016

Q Question Given Answer Notes
R3 Q3 Stephen Burrows, Paul Michael Price, Kieron Ian Price, Aaron Thomas Walsh and Anthony Edgeton, were all convicted of theft at Cardiff Crown Court earlier this month after stealing a trailer containing approximately 240,000 of what from Burton’s food factory in Torfaen on 17 June 2015?               Jammie Dodgers As well as Jammie Dodgers, the haul included a sizeable number of Wagon Wheels, which is an acceptable answer.


Week 14 - 7th July 2015

Q Question Given Answer Notes
R1 Q5 In which English town or city is Beckett's Brewery? Basingstoke Beckett's Brewery ceased trading in 2003
R1 Q7 What is the currency unit of Finland Markka Finland adopted the Euro in 2002
6 Q8 Which car company manufactures the Rascal van? Vauxhall The Rascal van was originally sold under the Bedford Marque, later Vauxhall, and is actually a licensed version of the Suzuki Super Carry vehicle.  The vehicle has not been manufactured under either name since 1994 in the UK, or 1999 in Japan


Week 10 - 9th June 2015

Q Question Given Answer Notes
R4 Q4 What would you find in a Harden's Guild? Restaurants It is assumed the setter was referring to Harden's GUIDE
R5 Q3 What medical condition comes from the Greek for "set on fire"? Heatburn This is a very badly worded question - the medical term for heartburn is Pyrosis, which may derive from the Greek, but Heartburn derives from the English for "burning heart"!
R8 Q7 What is the capital of the French Region of Picardie? Nantes Nantes is the capital of the Loire region.  The capital of Picardie is Amiens


Week 4 - 28 April 2015

Q No Question Given Answer Notes
R3 Q2 What two words are on a Remembrance Day poppy? Haig Fund The Haig Fund wording was replaced with "Poppy Appeal" in 1994
R6 Q4 Name the year: Joe Dimaggio marries Marilyn Monroe, French forces surrender at Dien Bien Phu and in Egypt Nasser takes power? 1952 All of the events took place in 1954.
R7 Q8 Who is the Patron Saint of Scientists? St Albert Saint Albert the Great is one of two saints with this remit - the other being St Dominic de Guzman
R8 Q6 In which English Town or City would you find Harbour Railway Station? Portsmouth or Folkestone Folkestone Harbour railway station closed to general passenger traffic in 2001, being used only for special excursions and the Orient Express up until 2009, when it was closed completely.
R8 Q4 Who is the current President of the International Olympic Committee? Jacques Rogge Rogge was made honorary president in 2013 at the end of his term of office, but was replaced in the main office by Thomas Bach

Week 2 - 14 April 2015

Q No Question Given Answer Notes
R4 Q3 Who is the patron saint for soldiers? Joan of Arc In a repeated error, while St Joan of Arc does have this responsibility, so do many other saints, including but not necessarily only, St Sebastian, St George, Michael the Archangel, St Adrian of Nicodemia, St Elegius and St Martin of Tours. Any of these answers should have been acceptable.
R4 Q8 In which Parisian square is the Arc de Triomphe? Etoile Place de l'Étoile was renamed to Place Charles de Gaule in 1970.
R5 Q8 Which town in the North West of England was known to the Romans as Luguvalum? Carlisle Carlisle is a city, not a town.
R8 Q7 Who is the patron saint of music? St Cecilia Another repeated error. As well as St Cecelia, St Gregory the Great and St Paul are regarded as patron saints of music and musicians.


Week 18 - week beginning 20 July 2014

No. Question Given Answer Notes
R3 Q1 Which two word name is given to a mixture of nitric acid and sulphuric acid? ​ Aqua Regis Aqua Regis is a mixture of Nitric and Hydrochloric acids
R8 Q5 Vega is the brightest star in which zodiacal constellation? Lyra While it is a constellation, Lyra is not one of the 12 zodiacal constellations

Week 17 - week beginning 13 July 2014

Q No. Question Given Answer Notes
R3 Q1 Which 17th/18th century Irish politician leader was nicknamed 'the Liberator”? Daniel O'Connell In a repeated error from last season, Daniel O'Connell was an 18th/19th century politician (1775-1847)
R3 Q7 In which Irish town is an International Oyster Festival held each year? Galway As Pat Gibson pointed out on the night, his birthplace is a city, not a town.
R5 Q7 Which wild flower is also known as the knapweed? Cornflower The Cornflower is only one of up to 600 species that makes up the genus Centaurea, known as the knapweeds, so there are a multitude of alternative answers that should be acceptable.
R7 Q1 In which American city do the Timberwolves play basketball? Minnesota As has been pointed out before, Minnesota is a state, not a city.  The correct answer should be Minneapolis
R8 Q! "The Smoke that Thunders" is the local name for which Geographical feature? Victoria Falls As has also been pointed out before, the local name is Mosi-oa-Tunya, which translates in English to the printed answer

Week 16 - week beginning 6th July 2014

Q No. Question Given Answer Notes
R7 Q6 The US state of Maryland was named after the wife of which King? Charles II Maryland was named after Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I.  Charles II's wife was Catherine of Braganza

Week 15 - week beginning 29 June 2014

Q No. Question Given Answer Notes
R1 Q6 What Is the continental equivalent of a Marquis? Margrave Margrave is the name used in Germanic countries. Other acceptable answers would be Marchese, Marquise etc.
R8 Q8 Which prominent Irish Nationalist was hung for treason in 1916 due to his involvement in the Easter Uprising? Roger Casement 90 people were sentenced to death after the uprising and 15 of these, including all signatories of the proclamation of the Irish Free State, were actually executed in May 1916.  They were, however, shot by firing squads.  Roger Casement was hanged in August of the same year.
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