Pairs Competition & Presentation Evening

This end of season event took place at St. James Social Club. Trophies were presented to Millstone (League Winners), Robin Hood (Runners up), UVC Blues (Cup winners), Delph (Cup runners up), Britannia (Plate winners) and Merrymen (Plate runners up). The Ted Owen trophy was won by Bryn PLC.

In the pairs competition 13 pairs entered and after 40 written questions these were reduced to six for the 15-1 type eliminator, the scores ranging from 14 to 26. The six qualifiers were Ian Barlow (Millstone) & Kevin Clarke (Bryn PLC), Paul Coffey (Talbot) & Keith Eyre (Bryn PLC), James McGregor (Talbot) & Cath Simpson (Millstone), Steve Feller (Merrymen) & Tony Robinson (Bryn Labour), Robin Fane (Britannia) & Mike Simpson (Millstone) and Mike Leech (Millstone) & Mike Unsworth (Robin Hood).

 After several rounds of questions the six pairs were reduced to three namely:- Paul Coffey & Keith Eyre, Steve Feller & Tony Robinson and Mike Leech & Mike Unsworth for the final round where each pair had their three lives restored. Again several rounds of question were needed before Paul & Keith were eliminated. Then in a tense exchange of questions with both teams reduced to one life each, Steve & Tony were finally eliminated leaving Mike Leech and Mike Unsworth the eventual winners.

Many thanks must go to Paul McAteer for an interesting and challenging set of questions delivered with his usual clarity and good humour. Also to Jess McAteer for an equally challenging table quiz (won by Millstone) and production of certificates. Many thanks must also go to Gladys Lemin and Graham Wilcock for the engraving of trophies and organisation of the venue.

Pairs Competition & Presentation Evening

This end of season event will take place at St. James Catholic Club, St James' Rd, Orrell, Wigan WN5 7AA on Friday 8th November. The Pairs competition will start at 8.30 sharp and is open to anyone who has played in the league this season. As last year the questions will be set by Paul McAteer. The presentation of trophies will follow the Pairs Competition. Please come along to what should be an enjoyable evening. 

Cup and Plate Finals

Congratulations to UVC Blues and Britannia who won the Cup and Plate Finals respectively at the Delph Tavern last night. In the Cup Final, UVC Blues overcame a 7 point handicap deficit to beat the Delph 59-55. In the Plate Final, Britannia, who had a 9 point handicap advantage over Merrymen, held on to win 70-63. Thank you to all that attended.

Finals Night

The cup competition finals will be played this Tuesday (September 10th) at the usual venue, The Delph Tavern.

The Plate final between Merrymen and Britannia will start at 8.30pm sharp followed by the Cup final between the Delph and UVC Blues, after

which refreshments will be served. Please come along to what should be an enjoyable evening.

Cup Handicaps

The table below shows the handicaps to be used for the upcoming cup competition. They are based on the 18 games of the league season.

Team Handicap
Millstone 0
Robin Hood 5
UVC Blues 6
Talbot Colts 6
Delph 13
Masons 15
Merrymen 19
Bryn Labour 20
Britannia 28
Bryn PLC 28


Cup and Plate draw

On Sunday the draw was made for the Cup and Plate competitions to be played from 13th August until the final on 10th September.

The games will be played as a handicap competition. The draw is as follows:-

13th August. Preliminary round
Match 1   Millstone (0)      48 v 55  Delph (13)
Match 2   Robin Hood  (5) 52 v  59 Bryn PLC (28)  

20th August  Round 1
Match 3   Talbot Colts  (6)  50 v 53  Delph (13)
Match 4   Masons  (15)      69 v 52 Bryn PLC (28)
Match 5   Merrymen (19)   54 v 61 Bryn Labour (20)
Match 6   Britannia  (28)    60 v 65 UVC Blues  (6)

27th August Plate Round 1
Match 10  Millstone  (0)     47 v  53 Merrymen (19)
Match 11  Robin Hood (5)  56 62 Britannia (28)

3rd September  Cup and Plate semi- finals
                     Cup                                                                       Plate
Match 7  Delph (13)    58  v 53 Bryn Labour Club (20)     Match 12  Merrymen (19) 59 v 54 Bryn PLC (28)
Match 8  Masons (15)  45  v 51 UVC Blues (6)                 Match 13  Britannia  (28) 57 v 52 Talbot Colts (6)

10th September Cup and Plate Finals
              Cup final                                                  Plate final
Delph (13) 55 v 59 UVC Blues (6)                      Merrymen (19) 63 v 70 Britannia (28)

New Handicaps

New handicaps for the second half of the season (based on first half performances) can now be seen on the results page and will apply for the last nine league matches.

Updated Constitution and Rules

After amendments agreed at a league meeting on 31 March 2019, an up to date version of the league's constitution and rules is now available at Downloads page

Mastermind - Contestants Wanted


League Fixtures Published

The 2019 fixtures have now been added to the fixtures calendar, with the first match taking place on 2nd April 2019.

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