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Handicaps for the new season

It has been decided to run a handicap league in parallel with the the normal league competition. Two separate league tables will be produced after each week’s fixtures. The cup competition that starts after the league season finishes will be played on a handicap system as last year. The handicaps have been calculated based on last season’s results and are as follows:-

Britannia 2014 16
Bryn Labour Club 23
Bryn PLC 18
Delph Tavern 17
Masons Arms 10
Merrymen 15
Millstone 0
Robin Hood 6
RH Colts 15
UCC Blues 0

Fixtures for 2016

The fixtures have been released for the new season - a table is shown below with the home team down the side and the away team along the top.  Each team's fixtures are also on the team pages, and all fixtures will be added to the calendar in due course.

Home ↓ Away → Britannia 2014 Bryn Labour Club Bryn PLC Delph Masons Merrymen Millstone RH Colts Robin Hood UCC Blues
Britannia 2014   12/07/2016 02/08/2016 28/06/2016 12/04/2016 17/05/2016 26/04/2016 31/05/2016 10/05/2016 05/04/2016
Bryn Labour Club 03/05/2016   17/05/2016 12/04/2016 07/06/2016 19/07/2016 28/06/2016 02/08/2016 26/04/2016 09/08/2016
Bryn PLC 24/05/2016 26/07/2016   12/07/2016 05/07/2016 31/05/2016 10/05/2016 14/06/2016 05/04/2016 19/04/2016
Delph 19/04/2016 14/06/2016 03/05/2016   24/05/2016 05/07/2016 05/04/2016 10/05/2016 09/08/2016 26/07/2016
Masons 14/06/2016 05/04/2016 26/04/2016 02/08/2016   28/06/2016 31/05/2016 12/07/2016 26/07/2016 10/05/2016
Merrymen 26/07/2016 10/05/2016 09/08/2016 26/04/2016 19/04/2016   12/07/2016 05/04/2016 24/05/2016 14/06/2016
Millstone 05/07/2016 19/04/2016 19/07/2016 07/06/2016 09/08/2016 03/05/2016   26/07/2016 14/06/2016 24/05/2016
RH Colts 09/08/2016 24/05/2016 12/04/2016 19/07/2016 03/05/2016 07/06/2016 17/05/2016   19/04/2016 05/07/2016
Robin Hood 19/07/2016 05/07/2016 07/06/2016 31/05/2016 17/05/2016 02/08/2016 12/04/2016 28/06/2016   03/05/2016
UCC Blues 07/06/2016 31/05/2016 28/06/2016 17/05/2016 19/07/2016 12/04/2016 02/08/2016 26/04/2016 12/07/2016  

Presentation Night and Pairs Competition

A successful Presentation Evening and Pairs Competition was held on Friday 20th November at St. James’s Catholic Club, which saw four teams collect trophies for the League and knock out competitions and the Delph Tavern awarded the Ted Owen trophy for the most sporting team in the league.

The pairs competition was won by Chris Quinn of UCC Blues and John Fitzgerald of Britannia 2014. 

Presentation Evening and Pairs Competition

This annual end of season event will take place at St.James Catholic Club, St James Road, Orrell, WN5 7AA, on Friday 20th November starting at 8.30pm.

Anyone who participated in the games this season, is eligible to enter. Please come along to what should be an enjoyable evening.

Cup and Plate winners

At the final of the Knockout Cup held at the Delph Tavern, Running Horses Colts, playing off a handicap of 17 beat Robin Hood, who were playing off 5, 56-49.

In the Plate final, Bryn Labour Club beat Delph Tavern 61-56, with both teams playing off a handicap of 17.

Congratulations to all four teams for a couple of great matches.

Plate Round 1

 The competition will be a handicapped competition

Round 1 of the Plate will take place on August 25th  featuring the following teams:

Masons v Delph
Millstone  v Bryn Labour Club
Bryn Hall v UCC Blues

The following week (Sept 1st) the next round will take place 


Barbara Flaherty of Merrymen appeared on this week's edition of Mastermind,  answering questions on the Harry Potter novels,  scoring a full house of 15 points. 


Barbara Flaherty

League Rules

A copy of the rules of the Orrell & District Quiz League can be found on the downloads page.

Congratulations to Millstone - League Champions

After a very close end to the season, Millstone have effectively secured the League title by beating Britannia in their last match.  In order for UCC Blues to take the title, they would have to win their remaining postponed match by a margin of 70 points!  The absence of Pat Gibson for their line-up for the match shows that they are not just a one man team and are worthy winners.

Fixtures for 2015 are now available

The fixtures for the coming season can now be see on the team pages and on the fixture calendar.  Matches start on 7th April 2015 and the league season lasts for 18 weeks, after which the knockout competition will take place.

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