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Week 14 - 3rd July 2018

Q No Question Answer Notes
R8 Q8 What is the smallest species of Penguin? Little The Little Penguin is also known as the Fairy or Blue Penguin, so these are acceptable alternatives.


Week 8 - 22nd May 2017

Q No Question Answer Notes
R7 Q7 Which 17th century novel begins "one thing was certain, the white kitten had had nothing to do with it:-it was the black kitten's fault entirely? Through The Looking Glass The work was published in the 19th century, not the 17th.


Week 4 - 24th April 2018

Q No Question Answer Notes
R6 Q7

Which UK monarch was the first of the house of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha?

Edward VI Edward VII was the first of this house when he suceeded Queen Victoria in 1901. The answer given is obviously a typing error.


Week 15 - 19th June 2016

Q No Question Given Answer Notes
R6 Q3 What is the name of the painting of the Infanta Margaret Theresa by Diego Velázquez that also shows the artist working at a large canvas? Las Meninas In English, this painting is usually known as "Maids of Honour", so this would be an acceptable alternative answer.
R7 Q3 Which rocket (name and number) was used to launch the Apollo space missions? Saturn V Early unmanned Apollo missions used the Little Joe, Saturn 1 and Saturn 1B rockets.  The Saturn 1B was also used for the first manned flight (Apollo 7) and was due to be used to launch the ill-fated Apollo 1 mission.  It was also used to launch crews to the Skylab space station and was used in the joint Apollo/Soyuz mission.

Week 13 - July 5th 2016

Q No Question Given Answer Notes
R3 Q3 Into which body of water does the River Tiber flow? Tyrrhenian Sea The Tyrrhenian Sea is a subdivision of the Mediterranean Sea, which would be an alternative correct answer.
R3 Q4 Which chemical element is the most abundant in the average human body, making up around 65% of actual composition? Oxygen Hydrogen atoms make up 67% of the human body by number. Oxygen is the highest by mass, not number. As asked, Hydrogen is a better answer.


Week 11 - 14th June 2016

Q No Question Given Answer Notes
R4 Q2 In astronomy, what name is given to the remnant of a star that once exploded as a supernova? Neutron Star Depending on the size of the start that explodes, it could leave a neutron star, a black hole, a white dwarf or a nebula.
R8 Q2 The Adventure Galley was the name of which legendary pirate's ship? Captain Kidd Earlier in his career, Kidd also captained the Blessed William


Week 10 - 7th June 2016

Q No Question Given answer Notes
R6 Q1 Which European country has the Cupon as its currency? Moldova The Cupon was a short-lived temporary currency introduced after the breakaway from the USSR. The current currency unit is the Leu.
R6 Q5 "Does he love me? I want to know, How can I tell if he loves me so?" are the opening lines of which UK No 1 hit single? The Shoop Snoop Song There have been three versions of the song in the UK charts – two were called "It's In His Kiss", though only the Cher version got to No 1 and this was called "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)", so the question, as written, is correct.

Week 7 - 17th May 2016

Q Question Given Answer Notes
R6 Q2 How are the members of The Friendly Society of Agricultural Labourers now more commonly known, this name arose from a court case heard in 1797? Tolpuddle Martyrs The court case was heard in 1834, under an act of Parliament passed in 1797


Week 4 - 26th April 2016

Q Question Given Answer Notes
R3 Q3 Stephen Burrows, Paul Michael Price, Kieron Ian Price, Aaron Thomas Walsh and Anthony Edgeton, were all convicted of theft at Cardiff Crown Court earlier this month after stealing a trailer containing approximately 240,000 of what from Burton’s food factory in Torfaen on 17 June 2015?               Jammie Dodgers As well as Jammie Dodgers, the haul included a sizeable number of Wagon Wheels, which is an acceptable answer.


Week 14 - 7th July 2015

Q Question Given Answer Notes
R1 Q5 In which English town or city is Beckett's Brewery? Basingstoke Beckett's Brewery ceased trading in 2003
R1 Q7 What is the currency unit of Finland Markka Finland adopted the Euro in 2002
6 Q8 Which car company manufactures the Rascal van? Vauxhall The Rascal van was originally sold under the Bedford Marque, later Vauxhall, and is actually a licensed version of the Suzuki Super Carry vehicle.  The vehicle has not been manufactured under either name since 1994 in the UK, or 1999 in Japan


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