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Cup and Plate draw

On Sunday the draw was made for the Cup and Plate competitions to be played from 13th August until the final on 10th September.

The games will be played as a handicap competition. The draw is as follows:-

13th August. Preliminary round
Match 1   Millstone        v   Delph
Match 2   Robin Hood    v   Bryn PLC

20th August  Round 1
Match 3   Talbot Colts   v   Winner Match 1
Match 4   Masons         v   Winner Match 2
Match 5   Merrymen     v   Bryn Labour
Match 6   Britannia       v   UVC Blues

27th August Plate Round 1
Match 10  Loser Match 1  v  Loser Match 5
Match 11  Loser Match 2  v  Loser Match 6

3rd September  Cup and Plate semi- finals
                     Cup                                                                       Plate
Match 7  Winner Match 3  v  Winner Match 5    Match 12  Winner  Match 10 v Loser Match 3
Match 8  Winner Match 4  v  Winner Match 6    Match 13  Winner  Match 11 v Loser Match 4

10th September Cup and Plate Finals
              Cup final                                                  Plate final
Winner Match 7  v Winner Match 8            Winner Match 12 v Winner Match 13