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Week 17 - week beginning 13 July 2014

Q No. Question Given Answer Notes
R3 Q1 Which 17th/18th century Irish politician leader was nicknamed 'the Liberator”? Daniel O'Connell In a repeated error from last season, Daniel O'Connell was an 18th/19th century politician (1775-1847)
R3 Q7 In which Irish town is an International Oyster Festival held each year? Galway As Pat Gibson pointed out on the night, his birthplace is a city, not a town.
R5 Q7 Which wild flower is also known as the knapweed? Cornflower The Cornflower is only one of up to 600 species that makes up the genus Centaurea, known as the knapweeds, so there are a multitude of alternative answers that should be acceptable.
R7 Q1 In which American city do the Timberwolves play basketball? Minnesota As has been pointed out before, Minnesota is a state, not a city.  The correct answer should be Minneapolis
R8 Q! "The Smoke that Thunders" is the local name for which Geographical feature? Victoria Falls As has also been pointed out before, the local name is Mosi-oa-Tunya, which translates in English to the printed answer

Week 16 - week beginning 6th July 2014

Q No. Question Given Answer Notes
R7 Q6 The US state of Maryland was named after the wife of which King? Charles II Maryland was named after Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I.  Charles II's wife was Catherine of Braganza

Week 15 - week beginning 29 June 2014

Q No. Question Given Answer Notes
R1 Q6 What Is the continental equivalent of a Marquis? Margrave Margrave is the name used in Germanic countries. Other acceptable answers would be Marchese, Marquise etc.
R8 Q8 Which prominent Irish Nationalist was hung for treason in 1916 due to his involvement in the Easter Uprising? Roger Casement 90 people were sentenced to death after the uprising and 15 of these, including all signatories of the proclamation of the Irish Free State, were actually executed in May 1916.  They were, however, shot by firing squads.  Roger Casement was hanged in August of the same year.

Week 14 - week beginning 22nd June

Q No. Question Given Answer Notes
R1 Q4 Which song was a top 40 hit for both Shirley Bassey in 1963 and Tom Jones in 1997? I Who Have Nothing In a repeated error, the Tom Jones version was released in 1967
R1 Q7 Which of Shakespeare's characters in his plays has the most words to say? Hamlet While Hamlet has the most lines in a single play, Sir John Falstaff, who appears in three plays (Henry IV Part 1, Henry IV Part 2 and The Merry Wives of Windsor), has more lines in total.
R5 Q5 Which long running BBC TV show uses Malcolm Arnold's 'Cornish Dances' as its theme tune? What The Papers Say Apart from the fact that the show has not run on TV since 2008, Arnold’s tune is one of several to have been used in the show’s various incarnations
R8 Q5 Which of Shakespeare's non title characters in his plays has the most words to say? Iago See above.