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Week 11 - 14th June 2016

Q No Question Given Answer Notes
R4 Q2 In astronomy, what name is given to the remnant of a star that once exploded as a supernova? Neutron Star Depending on the size of the start that explodes, it could leave a neutron star, a black hole, a white dwarf or a nebula.
R8 Q2 The Adventure Galley was the name of which legendary pirate's ship? Captain Kidd Earlier in his career, Kidd also captained the Blessed William


Week 10 - 7th June 2016

Q No Question Given answer Notes
R6 Q1 Which European country has the Cupon as its currency? Moldova The Cupon was a short-lived temporary currency introduced after the breakaway from the USSR. The current currency unit is the Leu.
R6 Q5 "Does he love me? I want to know, How can I tell if he loves me so?" are the opening lines of which UK No 1 hit single? The Shoop Snoop Song There have been three versions of the song in the UK charts – two were called "It's In His Kiss", though only the Cher version got to No 1 and this was called "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)", so the question, as written, is correct.