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Week 11 - week beginning 1 June 2014

Q No. Question Given Answer Notes
R3 Q4 Which annual event takes place at Worthy Farm, on land belonging to Michael Eavis? Glastonbury Festival The festival is not held every year – a year is missed every 4-5 years)
R4 Q6 In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, who was the King of Scotland? Duncan At various times in the play Duncan, Macbeth and Malcolm are all King of Scotland
R5 Q7 Which planet is unique among the planets in having an axis of rotation that is tilted sideways? Uranus The axis of rotation of all of the planets bar Mercury are tilted to one degree or another – e.g. Earth has a tilt of 23.4° . Uranus has a tilt of 97.7°, thus being “closest” to sideways