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Week 7 - 17th May 2016

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R6 Q2 How are the members of The Friendly Society of Agricultural Labourers now more commonly known, this name arose from a court case heard in 1797? Tolpuddle Martyrs The court case was heard in 1834, under an act of Parliament passed in 1797


Week 4 - 26th April 2016

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R3 Q3 Stephen Burrows, Paul Michael Price, Kieron Ian Price, Aaron Thomas Walsh and Anthony Edgeton, were all convicted of theft at Cardiff Crown Court earlier this month after stealing a trailer containing approximately 240,000 of what from Burton’s food factory in Torfaen on 17 June 2015?               Jammie Dodgers As well as Jammie Dodgers, the haul included a sizeable number of Wagon Wheels, which is an acceptable answer.